Jun 8, 2021Liked by Miguel Lavigne

I used to play classical music at the professional level. My goal was to achieve my dream career: to have a chair in an orchestra. In order to achieve this goal, I've practiced music on average 10 hours per day every day for years.

When I felt my body start breaking down, my persistence kept me going. I remained focused on my goal, taking prescription drugs to continue practicing with the same intensity. My successes were fuelling my ambitions, all the while my injuries were becoming increasingly crippling despite the drugs. At one point, I became unable to play my instrument and the doctor gave me the bad news: the injuries were too great to heal, and I would never truly recover.

Had I not been blinded with persistence, I would have switched careers earlier and avoided chronic injuries. Those are two opportunities that won't be coming back.

This article really resonated with me. Great insight as usual Miguel

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